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Visas & Customs Requirements

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Applications and/or Documents Required: Bring along original copies of the following (and be sure pack these in your hand luggage, never in your checked bags):
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate (original or certified copy, citing names of parents)
  • Certificate of residence (driver's license or latest tax slip)
  • If previously married, bring certified proof of divorce, or death certificate if marriage ended due to death of spouse. Note: Mexican divorces are normally not recognized in Austria. In the case of a divorce in which the woman's or the man's nationality are different, or which took place outside of their home country, the permission of the Austrian Ministry of Justice is required. This will delay the procedure, so be sure to give yourselves plenty of time.
  • A U.S. marriage license or affidavit executed before a consular officer of the U.S. Embassy in Vienna or the American Consular Agent in Salzburg, in which the American applicant states that he or she is free to marry the other party according to the laws of his or her home state in the U.S.
  • Austrian officials will require that U.S. documents be certified and a stamp called an apostille be affixed. The apostille can be obtained from the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of State in the U.S. state where the original document was issued.
  • Documents (other than passports) not in German must be accompanied by certified translations made by an official translator.
  • Both applicants should apply in person at the appropriate Vital Statistics Office (Standesamt), bringing the required documents listed above.
Residency Requirements: none

Waiting Period: none, however, the administrative procedures involved usually require two to four weeks to complete.
  • Usually both marriage partners should be present in Austria during the entire period necessary to arrange for the ceremony.
  • If only one partner can be present in Austria, he/she may make the arrangements providing he/she obtains the permission from the other partner on a form called Erm├Ąchtigung. These forms (in German) are available from all Standesamt (Vital Statistics) offices.
  • If, for some unusual circumstances, neither partner can arrive well in advance of the ceremony, special arrangements can sometimes be made.
Blood Test: none

Please note:

Only civil marriages are legal in Austria, although they may be followed by religious ceremonies if desired. Civil marriages take place at the Vital Statistics Office (Standesamt), and are performed by officials of the Standesamt.

Unless you both speak German, you must engage the services of an official Austrian interpreter at your own expense.

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